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Federal NTSB Judge Rules in Favor of Drones for Commercial Use.  AVF Makes First Live TV Broadcast from sUAV Copter!  FAA Issues Waivers Allowing Legal Flights of Small UAS.  AVF Outlines Plan for National Delivery System...See the Delivery App.

What We Do

We Provide Visually Stunning Aerials:


Our primary goal is to get the creative shots you need for your story.  We do this by flying multi-rotor aircraft with stabilized, HD video and photographic equipment aboard.  We transmit the video in real-time to a ground station where you can watch and direct the action.  The live, streaming video can be broadcast, or made available on the Internet.


Team Integration:


Close integration with your production team is the key to a successful shoot.  A one-day project, or over multiple seasons; we'll become a reliable, dependable part of your team.


While getting the perfect shot is the #1 goal, safety is the #1 priority.  A daily flight crew briefing is held to cover all operations.  A safety meeting is held with all personnel involved in the shoot to cover important operational considerations.


After the Shoot:


At AVF, we do not charge any fees for the flights or for the video and images we shoot.  We charge for mobilization, connecting equipment, managing data, and editing services.  Your edited images will be available for review and further editing immediately after the shoot.


The Business Side:


We are typically booking dates three weeks out.  A hard-copy purchase order and credit card are required to secure your booking.  An estimate and Proforma will be provided for your P.O. that includes at least the following components:







Additional and special conditions will be included based on the booking.  Under certain circumstances, site survey may be required in advance.

West Virginia Power Line Inspection

12 days and 200 miles.









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