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Federal NTSB Judge Rules in Favor of Drones for Commercial Use.  AVF Makes First Live TV Broadcast from sUAV Copter!  FAA Issues Waivers Allowing Legal Flights of Small UAS.  AVF Outlines Plan for National Delivery System...See the Delivery App.


The Offer:


The pre-launch orders we receive will help fund our efforts to become one of the nation's first and leading drone delivery companies.  For every pre-launch, theoretical order you place, you can purchase an actual delivery for just $0.02 each.  Order 10 pre-launch deliveries, and receive a 30% discount for orders originating at your home location, for the first year of our operations in your service area.  Order 20 pre-launch deliveries and receive an additional 10%...forever.  At any point, we may offer to convert each pre-launch delivery you've purchased into an option to buy one share of stock for just $0.02.


The Challenge:


In the beginning, there will be nothing "unmanned" about an unmanned aerial vehicle.  The aircraft and order processing will take considerable hand-holding...and there will be challenges.  The biggest hurdle right now is the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).  They are behind schedule -- approximately 4 years!  That said, we understand and agree with the need for appropriate safety measures.  As licensed pilots, we understand the daunting task for the FAA and want to participate in shaping the rules of the "road".


Your Participation:


Your early participation will help to further the cause and speed the provisioning of a vast array of incredible benefits for our society.  Imagine being stranded on the side of the road; you're out of fuel or you have a flat tire.  So, you press the "On Cellular" button and tell the agent what's wrong.  They dispatch a drone to your location with a gallon of fuel, or a can of flat-fix.  You are on your way in 30 minutes instead of three hours..


Maybe you forgot your keys, glasses, prescription, or that important item for your meeting.  Maybe you're at home and have a leaky faucet or need an electrical part.  Instead of turning around or heading out to the store, the items are delivered to you by instant, personal airmail.  When someone is stuck on a mountain or hiking trail, or otherwise stranded, maybe they need water, food, blankets, shelter, or immediate first aid...or something more critical like a flotation device, defibrillator/ or the end of a rope.  A drone can make such deliveries happen quickly.


Maybe there are times when a drone can be sacrificed to save lives.  Your early participation can help us change the future.

Film Industry -

movie, TV, news, ads, music video, Internet, corporate


Location Scout and Survey -

your DP and location manager's best partner


Action and Sports -

racing, skiing, biking, water sports, etc.


Real Estate -

documentation, web and sales brochures


Construction -

site selection, progress documentation


Mine Sites -

search, compliance and regulatory documentation


Wildlife Surveillance -

location, tracking, and counting


SAR Operations -

Search and Rescue


Observation -

Traffic, fire, and hazardous environments


Inspections -

Bridges; towers; phone, power and fuel lines; manufacturing plants; roofs; cliffs and rivers...



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