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Federal NTSB Judge Rules in Favor of Drones for Commercial Use.  AVF Makes First Live TV Broadcast from sUAV Copter!  FAA Issues Waivers Allowing Legal Flights of Small UAS.  AVF Outlines Plan for National Delivery System...See the Delivery App.


The Best Choice for Visually Stunning Aerials!


Owner, Scott Madans, with more than 40 years photographic experience, is also a private pilot of more than 20 years.  While the technology for low-level aerial video is relatively new, the same principles apply; composition and framing, lighting and exposure, focus and motion...


The ability to move the camera in three dimensions and the close proximity capabilities adds unparalleled creative freedom and amazing shots...shots that were virtually impossible before the advent of multi-rotor filming.


Our goal is to give you the images you need for your project; stills or video.  We'll get the's what we live for!


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