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Federal NTSB Judge Rules in Favor of Drones for Commercial Use.  AVF Makes First Live TV Broadcast from sUAV Copter!  FAA Issues Waivers Allowing Legal Flights of Small UAS.  AVF Outlines Plan for National Delivery System...See the Delivery App.


The multi-rotor helicopter / done industry:


January 5, 2014:  Wow!  What an exciting journey this is going to be!!!  Welcome to the future of transportation and logistics.


Today, small, personal, multi-rotor drones are capable of lifting relatively light stuff like cameras, sensors, and small parcels...approximately 20 lbs.  In the future (probably not in my lifetime), they will carry heavier objects, people, families (SUV-style), and provide mass-transit.  And, they will eventually go to jet propulsion with vectored thrust (like the Harrier, Raptor, and Lightening II).


January, 2014:



Opinion: we are seeing the dawn of a new ear in transportation...the beginnings of "The Jetsons" era.


You can purchase a multi-rotor copter today (soon from our website), program it with a route to fly using your smart phone, push a button and watch the copter take off, navigate your route with its on-board GPS, then come back and land after the mission is complete.  How much time will it be before drone air routes, like highways in the sky, will be preprogrammed (been that way for aircraft for decades)?  How long before the lifting capability and dependability can carry the weight of an adult human reliably (already there with military equipment)?  I believe this is absolutely in our future and we are seeing the dawn of this evolution right now.  All aboard!


In 100 years, you will get into your drone in the "driveway", speak your destination or multiple destinations, and the drone will climb out, join up with a designated route, then fly a vector off the route to land at a predetermined spot.  It will communicate with all of the other drones to indicate its route.  It will be capable of avoiding other drones on the ground.  It will know your usual patterns and plan accordingly.  And, it will be environmentally friendly.


Can't wait!





Global Hot Shot LLC, the parent company to AVF, signs agreements authorizing multi-rotor tests at

FAA-designated locations in Nevada.





AVF secures **FLYIT mobile phone number.  From most carriers, a caller can dial **FLYIT to reach AVF, General UAS, and General UAV.





AVF tests microwave transmitter for live aerial video broadcast.





AVF makes the first live broadcast from a RC multi-rotor copter using a microwave transmitter.  From the Village in South Lake Tahoe, our live broadcast signal was beamed by microwave to a receiver at the top of Heavenly Ski Area, then carried to a local station for cuts to a live remote.


"This is the beginning of  a new era for live broadcast coverage", said Scott Madans, owner of Aerial Video Flyer.  "This technology is easy to setup and brings live aerial video broadcast capabilities to virtually every operator currently doing remotes."





THERE IS NOTHING UNMANNED ABOUT AN UNMANNED AIRCRAFT.  In fact, it may take a larger crew of people to control such aircraft.









February, 2014:



The local Reno TV stations have not come aboard with RC video broadcast as of yet, even though FAA regulation cannot legally disallow the use of multi-rotors.  We will keep working on them and supply the managers with all of the latest information.  After all, it's illegal to grow, sell, or use POT on a federal level, but States have "flown in the face" of such regulation.  You would think RC helicopters wouldn't be nearly as big a challenge.



A few months ago, Amazon posted a video of their Priority Air service for light package delivery.  Netflix just spoofed it with their Drone2Home service.  Pretty funny...




March, 2014:


There's nothing "unmanned" about an "unmanned aerial vehicle".


6th's not illegal to fly sUSA for commercial purposes. STORY  Patrick Geraghty, a judge with the National Transportation Safety Board, ruled that there are no laws against flying a drone commercially.




April, 2014:


K: "1500 years ago everybody knew the earth was the center of the universe...500 years ago everybody knew the earth was flat...and 15 minutes ago you knew that people were alone on this planet. Imagine what you`ll know tomorrow."



May, 2014:


We are busier than I thought we would be!



June, 2014:


June is getting hot...lots of video to shoot.



July, 2014:


Excellent developments!



August, 2014:


We may need to get more equipment.



September, 2014:


Just over 400 hours of flying airship "Bravo" now.  The system is tuned exactly how I like it and I've become fairly smooth with my work.  Please check out the latest video of the tent at South Lake on the video samples page.



October, 2014:


The ASPRS show was terrific.  Some 500 attendees 49 exhibitors filled the Reno Ballroom.  The focus was on legalities of UAS flights, various components of aircraft and flight systems, and on the technology for using UAS in geospacial data acquisition to create digital terrain and surface models (DTM and DSM), as well as other uses.



November, 2014:



More information about the FAA on the horizon.



It was a beautiful day for flying today, cool and calm with some great cloud formations.  We've been experimenting with some new technology that will lend itself well to many industries...nothing to do with video or photography.  Stay tuned!



December, 2014:


Welcome!  I come in peace.

























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