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Deliveries, Film, Broadcast, Tourism, Real Estate, Industrial Inspection, Surveying, Special Events, SAR...

Federal NTSB Judge Rules in Favor of Drones for Commercial Use.  AVF Makes First Live TV Broadcast from sUAV Copter!  FAA Issues Waivers Allowing Legal Flights of Small UAS.  AVF Outlines Plan for National Delivery System...See the Delivery App.


State-of-the-Art Video Editing:


Adobe Premiere and After Effects are the two main programs we use for editing.  These two programs are considered industry standards and are capable of managing the production of short clips to full-length feature films.


High-Resolution Production:


6k or 1080p...  24 or 120 FPS...  Your images or ours...  We can manage your production from concept to finished product.  You will find our team to be creative, flexible, and professional.


Aerial Images:


Stills or video, we can get the shots you are looking for.  Due to FAA regulations, we do not charge fees for the flights or the images captured from our multi-rotor copters.  We charge for the use of cameras, expenses of mobilization, for the editing of video and stills, and other professional services.




Film Industry -

movie, TV, news, ads, music video, Internet, corporate


Location Scout and Survey -

your DP and location manager's best partner


Action and Sports -

racing, skiing, biking, water sports, etc.


Real Estate -

documentation, web and sales brochures


Construction -

site selection, progress documentation


Mine Sites -

search, compliance and regulatory documentation


Wildlife Surveillance -

location, tracking, and counting


SAR Operations -

Search and Rescue


Observation -

Traffic, fire, and hazardous environments


Inspections -

Bridges; towers; phone, power and fuel lines; manufacturing plants; roofs; cliffs and rivers...



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